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Bing Ads and Yahoo! Bing Network: European and LATAM Expansions Continue

In September, I shared the news that we were rebranding our search alliance with Yahoo! to the Yahoo! Bing Network, as well as rebranding adCenter to Bing Ads. We did this to help make the process of buying ads on Yahoo! and Bing easier for our search advertising customers. Initially, we rolled out Bing Ads and the Yahoo! Bing Network to a few select markets, and now, I’m proud to share that the Yahoo! Bing Network is available in over 22 countries and four continents.


This has been a herculean task that the teams at Yahoo! and Microsoft have worked painstakingly hard to achieve. As we continue to move forward, we believe this hard work will pay off and our customers will see the benefits. In fact, we’ve already seen great momentum as a result of simplifying and streamlining our digital advertising platform. According to Kenshoo, paid search budgets in Q3 2012 are growing faster for the Yahoo Bing Network than for Google. In addition, according to the most recent comScore numbers, the number of unique searchers who use Bing and/or Yahoo! but not Google numbers 83 million.

The most recent comScore numbers are also telling when looking at the Buying Power (BPI) for all Bing/Yahoo searchers, which is 223, meaning that searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network are likely to spend 123% more than the average internet searcher. The WW BPI index for Bing/Yahoo searchers who don’t use Google (the 83 million mentioned above) is even more dramatic at 417. That means they’re likely to spend 317% more than the average internet searcher. That is an audience every advertiser should be intent on reaching.

When Microsoft entered into the agreement with Yahoo!, we embraced the mission to deliver a competitive search offering that provides advertisers both quality audiences and opportunities to leverage strategic partnerships to drive ROI. The landscape is shifting and we are closer to achieving that promise today than ever before.

However, search is changing, and as you might have seen, in October, Microsoft unveiled Windows 8. Bing plays a central part in the Windows 8 experience and is evolving into more than a web service. Bing is at the center of a consumer’s online experience whether on PCs, tablets, Windows Phone 8 or Xbox. We will continue to integrate Bing into future devices to help drive volume, and provide engaging experiences for both consumers and advertisers.

What this means for brands

New search experiences and additional markets lead to new opportunities for advertisers on both Yahoo! and Bing. With our ongoing expansion and investment in the search landscape, we are evolving the Yahoo! Bing Network from a competitive choice for brands and search marketers – to a must-buy. Our distinct, worldwide audience is significant in size and in online purchase activity. The unique searchers on Bing and Yahoo! Search (including Microsoft and Yahoo! sites) are likely to spend 124% more than the average searcher and represent 92 million unique searchers worldwide.

Next steps

As always, we are not done innovating. We’re driving search supply aggressively, developing new ad formats, uncovering search campaign opportunities through Bing Ads and delivering new insights around our audience on the Yahoo! Bing Network, making it easier for our customers to do business with us.

We will continue to work closely with advertisers, publishers and developers to make search campaigns on Bing Ads as easy and efficient as possible. Stay tuned, there is much more to come.

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