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Bing Ads Home Page: Updated for on-the-go performance review

No time to spare?  No problem!  The next time you sign in for an instant look at your account's performance or to review any new issues or opportunities since you last checked, be sure to try the out new Home Page in Bing Ads.  This page was redesigned specifically for the Bing Ads user who needs to monitor their account quickly to see the information that matters to you most.

bing ads home page

What's new and for whom?

This update is for all Bing Ads advertisers in all markets! The Home Page got a makeover, to show you what you need to know, without any clutter or confusion.

bing ads home page

As you can see, we’ve made a significant number of changes.  We expect the new functionality and architecture of the page will be especially helpful to marketers who need an instant, reliable snapshot of how their account(s) are performing in order to stay on top of any problems that should be investigated, or to seize opportunities as soon as they arise.     

Benefits of the new home page

The Bing Ads Home Page in the web user interface (UI) is a single place for you to access and customize the account information that matters to you the most.  Specifically, it provides:

  • A summary dashboard for an at-a-glance view of your:

o   Key performance indicator (KPI) summary 

o   Performance trend graph

o   Top Mover report

  • Modules for quick access to information tailored to your needs for monitoring and tracking performance.  You can select which modules to display, reorganize the module layout, change a module’s display columns and rows, etc.  With the Bing Ads Home Page, you can:

o  Quickly assess your campaign performance. 

o  Easily identify issues to resolve. 

o  Easily find opportunities to optimize your campaigns.

Modules at a glance

There’s always more you can do and dive into, if you choose.  That’s why we have the modules for you to leverage and customize at your convenience.  The opportunities are endless, so here is a reference table for your convenience.          

bing ads home page

bing ads home page

bing ads home page

What's next?

Thank you for your feedback in making this release possible.  We’re already preparing for the next iteration, which will incorporate our top ask from pilot participants to enable period-over-period comparison in the trend graph, and allow customizable module definitions through filters. 

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