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Build Your Travel Success Story on the Yahoo! Bing Network

Summertime is right around the corner and it’s time for travelers to start planning for that inspirational summer vacation. Be it snorkeling in Maui or an adventure to Gatorland in Orlando, the Yahoo! Bing Network sits at the pivotal point in consumer journey to help travel advertisers capture the right audience.

Bing Ads Travel Audience

For many advertisers, the Yahoo! Bing Network is already known as a “must buy,” with 47.3 million unique total searchers and 30% search share in the search market place. However, in the travel category, do you know that 12 million travel searchers on Yahoo! Bing are exclusive, which means they didn’t conduct travel queries on Google[1]? That is net new audience you could capture from the network.

Now when you look at the past purchase behaviors of the Yahoo! Bing Network travel audience below, it is evident that searchers here are likely to translate into potential customers for your travel business. This audience is more likely than the average Internet population to reserve rental cars, buy airline tickets and book vacation packages[2]. Now, let’s take a look at the PPC cost of this valuable audience. In a recently released AdGooroo report,[3]travel CPCs on the Yahoo! Bing Network were noted at 30% lower than the industrial average!

image [4]

Take Advantage of the Yahoo! Bing Network and Build a Success Story

How do advertisers take advantage of this opportunity? Start by creating a search campaign within Bing Ads now, leveraging various time-saving tools. Let the network work hard for you!

In a recent case studyconducted with Smart Destinations, a travel company that helps travelers save money and skip lines at top attractions in nine US cities, SEM Manager Katie Angeloni mentioned that, “If businesses are already advertising on Google, it’s absolutely essential to advertise on the Yahoo! Bing Network too.”

“Our average cost per click with Bing Ads is trending 50% lower while the conversion rate is on

par with all of our other channels,” Angeloni says. “It’s good that we can rely on Bing Ads for a lower CPC while at the same time delivering high-quality traffic.” THAT is a great story – quality leads at a great price. clip_image004[3]

Summer holiday season is on the horizon, so now is the time to dream big. Brush up those best practices and go after your well-deserved audience!


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