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Unified Device Targeting: How to segment data by Device Type in reports

As detailed in an earlier announcement, with today’s upgrade to Unified Device Targeting (UDT), all your existing campaigns will be automatically opted-in to receive traffic from all devices. However, you still can easily adjust your bids to increase impressions on one device or another. 

SEM Professional Lisa Raehsler explains what you need to know to make bidding adjustments after migration. We also recommend that you review your clicks, impressions, average position, and other performance metrics broken down by Device type in order to optimize your bid adjustment.  This is easy to do, as most Bing Ads reports offer Device type  as a column or filter, as indicated below.

Note: Device type is an optional attribute column in reports, so you will need to manually add it to your report.

How to run a report that includes the Device Type column

Following are the steps to run the report:

1. Go to Reports tab and select the report you want to run.


2. Expand the Choose your columns menu and select Device type from the available Attributes.

3. To retrieve data for only specific device types, expand your Filter menu, check Device type and then the specific device type(s) you are interested in, e.g. Smartphone and Tablet.

4. Click Run to run the report.

5. Once the report is complete it will contain data broken down by device type.

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Let us know

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Prince Bajracharya

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform