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Priorities for 2015: Simplify Bing Ads payment method management in Signup & Wallet

We the Accounts & Billing team at Bing Ads are laser focused on delivering a clear, intuitive and easy-to-use experience for managing payment methods during Signup and in wallet.  I’m happy to share that we’ve made some improvements we think you’ll like!

What’s changing

Customers have told us that it’s too easy to make mistakes in the payment process, and have to go through it again.  As Vaishali promised in our 2015 Resolutions, our goal for Accounts & Billing this year is a seamless user experience.

To that end, we’ve redesigned the selection architecture in the payment workflow to minimize the chance of mistakes.  Don’t worry about making the right choice anymore.  The new workflow guides you through adding a payment method, selecting the right payment setting and associating your payment in the way you expect, so you can confidently complete the process the first time around.

You’ll notice changes in the Sign Up and Payment Methods page.


We simplified the Signup experience to bring in the selection of Prepay and Postpay options when you choose How to Pay.  Select how you pay and which payment method you pay with at the same time, in the same integrated menu. 

 Payment methods are offered based on how you prefer to make the payment i.e Prepay or PostPay.

Once you add your desired payment method, we auto-associate it to the account so you don't have to take extra steps.


Simply provide your payment method details and click “next” to add it.


You can now add additional Payment methods to your account just as seamlessly.

Bing Ads will automatically set your second payment method as Backup, while offering you two additional options to set your current Payment method as:

  1. Primary - If you prefer to change the Primary payment instrument on file, or  
  2. Just add it to my list of payment methods - If you prefer to add the payment method and use it later for paying advertising charges.

Thoughts? Comments?

We’d love to hear what you think of the new workflow, and whether it’s a helpful time saver.  You can expect to see the updates like this each month, and we value your continued feedback and suggestions for how we can continue to improve the Accounts and Billing experience!

Thank you,

Pavan Tumu

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

Accounts & Billing