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Introducing Product Ads – A Great Way to Advertise on Bing Ads

One of the things I like best about my job is being able to introduce you, our advertisers, to new marketing opportunities on Bing Ads.

Starting today, Product Ads is available in the U.S., enabling you to increase qualified clicks by including product details such as rich images, price and description within your ads across Yahoo and Bing. With Product Ads, you can help searchers reach a purchase decision quickly, reducing the number of clicks and time involved. Please take a moment to view our short video to better understand the value of this new feature offering.

This is an example of a Product Ad on Bing:


Product Ads was designed to be easy to use; you don’t have to write ad copy and develop keywords for each campaign. Instead, Product Ads builds upon work that you've already done, automatically serving the appropriate image, price, and brand name. Learn more about setting up your campaigns here.

Here at Bing Ads, your feedback is paramount. We’ve been testing Product Ads extensively across more than 140MM offers with hundreds of advertisers over the past several months to ensure we delivered a great experience – for both consumers and advertisers - before expanding our offering, while simultaneously listening to and incorporating feedback.

As always, we’re committed to providing you with competitive, rapid innovation in the search advertising market. I believe our Product Ads are going to be valuable to you, and I encourage you to give this new feature a try – learn more about what Product Ads can do for your business and of course, please share your feedback.

Also worth mentioning, you can count on us to continue the momentum and develop offerings across both PC and mobile. Announced on Monday, we launched Product Ads for Mobile (BETA) because we understand how important mobile has become for you, our advertising partners.

More to come.