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Bing Ads Search Terms Report is Now Live with Expanded Insight by Request

NOTE: This blog post is over 1 year old and the information contained in it may be outdated, for the most current information, please review this Help file.


The Search Terms Report (previously referred to as Search Query Report) is now available in the Bing Ads UI, in all markets. 

The Search Terms Report (STR) is one of the most important reports advertisers will want to leverage to ensure their campaigns are optimized for visibility and clicks.  Advertisers rely on STR to harvest keyword and negative keyword candidates. For more on using STR and other performance reports in Bing Ads, see this article.

Expanded Insight by Request

With this release, the Search Terms Report now also includes all 0-click terms, expanded insight of highly sought-after candidates for negative keywords.  Advertisers highlighted the importance of this insight and asked we include it in the release.  We have. 


By using the newly-found negative keyword candidates, advertisers can instantly improve their CTR and QS, thus achieving lower cost and higher ROI in advertising.

It is worth noting that this change will also enhance the data quality for search terms. With the inclusion of the 0-click search terms, the issue of understated impressions and overstated CTR for a search term has been completely solved. Advertisers now have the complete picture around the search terms to make more precise evaluations.

Data volume-wise, the Search term report now captures approx. 20 to 40 times more terms than in the past, and the Bing Ads Engineering team was able to achieve it without compromising performance.

Where can this change be seen?

This change will manifest in the Search Terms Report on the Reports page and on the Campaigns page under the Dimensions and Keywords tab (see screenshots below).

The Search Terms Report will show 100% of search terms, while search terms in the Dimensions tab will be filtered to show only the search terms with at least one click, to ensure the page SLA on the UI. However, the net impact of such filtering under Dimensions tab will only reduce the number of terms returned to the UI, but will not compromise the data quality in terms of impressions and CTRs.


Fady Khoury

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform