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7 Bing Insights Your Business Will Want To Know About - SES NY

Greetings from SES NY 2013! I had the opportunity to attend the Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum with Jason Dailey, Senior Director, Search Evangelist, Microsoft. There was a lot of interaction during the session. Below you will find some of the insights our expert provided!

sharon_ses ny liberty

Jason described 3 core areas evolving in the new Search paradigm: Apps, operating systems, and interaction models. The Bing Yahoo! Network is making preparations to deliver new types of information and content with the objective of answering the question: “How do we organize information in a new and compelling way for the end user?” In the future, Search will understand where we want to go and provide us with results based upon our user intent!

One of the visitors to the roundtable, who we will refer to as Mr. Tire, works for a tire retailer. Mr. Tire wanted to know more about the Bing Yahoo! network, and how he can maximize his online advertising dollar using our search engine. Jason shared with Mr. Tire that Bing is Efficient, Social, and Optimized for Windows 8. He also shared statistics on the audience of the Bing Yahoo! network. This combination of features will yield benefits to consumers looking for his business, as well as produce great ROI.  Specifically:

1. Bing is Efficient

  • Users want search results that are relevant and efficient. “What the web knows” is on the first line of search results.
  • Snapshot is “what Bing knows.” Bing organizes and surfaces more relevant content around what you want to find. If you are looking for new tires, for example, you don’t have to search for the tire store hours, products, ratings, etc. All of that information will be available to you with the search result.
  • Side bar – Find out “what people know.” Surfaces information that is on social networks. Recommendations provided by friends help users uncover information more quickly and reliably.

2. Bing is Social

  • The Bing social sidebar is inclusive: Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Linked In, Blogger, Quora, Twitter, and Kayak.
  • Bing is wiser and more informed - Bing snapshot
  • Bing it on Challenge: According to DNet - “Microsoft’s ‘Bing it on’ challenge beats Google results 2:1”

3. Bing is Optimized for Windows 8

  • Bing search app - Designed for touch
  • Search charm – Easy access to web and desktop
  • Bing powered apps - Immersive in content

4. Audience on the Bing Yahoo! Network

  • 153 Million unique searchers
  • 47.3 Million users on the Yahoo! Bing Network are NOT on Google!
  • On the Bing Yahoo! network, you connect with searchers you can’t reach elsewhere
  • Our searchers spend more than Google searchers per transaction, and 22% more than the average searcher.

Sharon_SES NY_Windows

5. “Easy” Button is Coming!

Jason added that Bing is working on an “Easy” button for users of the Bing Yahoo! Network. We have to make it easier and more efficient for advertisers to use our platforms. Microsoft’s vertical integration of assets includes Office 365, Xbox Live, Skype, Windows 8, Yahoo! Bing network, Outlook, MSN, Yammer, SkyDrive, and Microsoft.

Mr. Tire shared his concerns about CPC and messaging when he is working within a constrained environment. Jason shared that this relates to Bing’s development of new enabled ad formats such as RAIS, long ad formats, logos over brand terms, and video.

6. Understanding Intent

Search is transforming from simply keywords to understanding intent. Before a user clicks on Mr. Tire’s ad in the future, they might enter in the model of tire, or their make of car, so that when they land on his web site, the advertiser already knows exactly what the user is looking for. Once they’re on the landing page, they’re prompted to insert a maximum price. Using a filtering device, the customer is provided with specific options within the maximum price range.

7. The Move Toward Mobile

Mr. Tire also wanted to know about advertising opportunities as more people are moving toward mobile. Jason shared that advertisers need more creative ways to serve ads on mobile. Nokia City Lens is a new location-based, augmented reality service for the Windows Phone. Instead of looking for a place on a map and entering your location, Nokia City Lens looks at the world around you through your smartphone. Users can instantly see what’s around them as far as hotels, restaurants, shops, landmarks, and public transport stations visually on their phone. Simply tap to read reviews, descriptions and destination information, as well call or navigate to the location!

What do you think?  Always interested in hearing from you, and thanks!