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15 Things You Must Know After Day 1 of SES NYC

Day 1 of SES NYC is over and I am flooded by the fire hydrant of great information, excited by the great customer engagement at the booths and well to be frank, a little hurt, as in I have a few blisters from walking so much…but all and all it was an amazing day. As we are all tired after the long day of SES NYC or a day at work I wanted to bring you a short list of 15 things you should now know after the first day.

Keynote by Mike Proulx, author of “Social TV”


1. Television prompts 22% of searches which are mostly from commercials.

2. 77% of TV watching includes a second device BUT 78% of those devices are unrelated to what the user is watching.

3. 41% of recorded TV isn’t watched.

Bing Ads: The Next Evolution in Search Advertising; Jason Dailey & Brian Utter

4. When you advertise on the YBN, you gain access to 153MM unique users.  Most importantly, advertising on the YBN puts your ad in front of 47 million unique users that don’t use Google. 

5. We want to provide advertisers with as much analytics and transparency as possible. Take advantage of Quality Score and Share of Voice reporting to get the most bang for your buck.

6. We’re improving the onboarding experience and making it easier to get started with Bing Ads. Leverage Campaign Import and Scheduled Synch to import your campaigns from Google and go from “Zero to Click” much more quickly.

7. We’re moving faster than ever to make ongoing platform enhancements to enable you to better connect to our audience. Over the last 12 months we launches over 20 initiatives, more than 1,200 features and we continue to increase the rate at which we release new futures.

Bing Ads Booth


8. If you are attending the event and aren’t satisfied with your Bing Ads Accredited Professional water bottle in your attendee bag stop by our booth (#510) for other great swag items.

9. Bring your business card for a chance to win a Bing branded office chair that will be directly shipped to you from the event!

10. Need help with your campaign? Have questions? Stop by, we have Bing experts galore waiting to help you.

Getting Social

11. If you are reading this then you have found our blog J but be sure to follow us on our other social networks for all the latest and greatest news; Facebook & Twitter.

Join Us Day of SES


12. 10:15-11:15 AM for Reporting and Analyzing PPC Campaigns, presented by Ping Jen, Senior Program Manager

13. 12:30-1:30 PM for Meet the Experts Roundtables, with Jason Dailey, Senior Director, Search Evangelist and John Gagnon, Search Evangelist

NYC Advice

14. Since I am here and love to live in the moment I wanted to share a couple recommendations, food wise if you love Southern food you must try Tipsy Parson, found in Chelsea. Amazing food including melt in your mouth mac and cheese, hush puppies and more!

15. In the mood for an amazing view? I highly recommend (no pun intended) the Top of Rock view, which is the top of Rockefeller center. I did the “Sun & Stars” ticket which means you can see the view during the day and at night, a must do! My first blog post includes photos. Enjoy!