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Customizable modules, comparative metrics added to Home Page

Thank you for your feedback on the all new Home Page in Bing Ads!  The response to the new design and functionalities has been overwhelmingly positive and adoption has been strong.  Given its popularity, we didn’t want to waste any time incorporating your top asks on what could make this page achieve even more for you.  That’s why we are pleased to let you know that we’ve added customized modules and period-over-period comparison, the two most requested additions to the Home Page since its launch in May.

Overview of the Home page

bing ads home pageThe Bing Ads Home Page in the web user interface (UI) is a single place for you to access and customize the account information that matters to you the most.  Specifically, you’ll find:

1.  Summary dashboard of your KPIs, Performance trends, and Top Movers

2.  Modules for quick access to information tailored towards users’ needs to monitor, diagnose and improve performance  

bing ads home page

What’s New Today?

We are continuously fielding your feedback to make the Home Page the one-stop-shop for performance managers on-the-go.  That’s why we added customizable modules and period-over-period comparison in this latest release. Now, monitoring accounts and finding opportunities to improve performance just got even easier, allowing you to get more done in less time.

1. Create custom modules effortlessly

You can define your own modules to customize your performance data by applying filters, making campaign maintenance faster and easier. And now when you create and save a filter in the Campaigns page, it will appear as an optional new module in the Home Page. Use these custom modules to get a more detailed snapshot of your account performance and the metrics that matter to you most.

You can create a custom module in two steps:

Step 1.  Create and save a filter in the Campaigns page.

bing ads home page

Step 2:  Add customized module to Home Page by checking Show.

bing ads home page

bing ads home page

2. Check your performance period-over-period

Many of you are frequent users of the period-over-period comparison functionality in Bing Ads’ Campaign Page and Reports suite, which compares your ad’s performance between two periods of time. Now, the Bing Ads Home Page also offers period-over-period comparisons so that you can view performance over time for your account’s top performing KPIs and identify trends.  

bing ads home page

Learn more about period-over-period monitoring and the many other performance tracking features from Bing Ads here.

A tip from our pilot participants

How can the Home Page help you work less and do more?  In talking to our pilot participants and recent customers, we found that many like to see whether edits to their campaign had an impact on campaign performance in a certain period of time following that action.  To do that, they would use the period-over-period performance monitoring function to compare the metrics of interest a week prior to their change to the week following the change.  (Another reason for adding this popular functionality into the Home Page itself).

Keep the feedback coming!

Thank you again for partnering with us on making the Home Page your go-to for fast and easy campaign management.  We appreciate your comments, concerns, and suggestions, which we assemble and work on in each new release.  You can reach out to us on Twitter, email Bing Ads Customer Feedback, or submit an idea in the Feature Suggestion Forum.