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Things to Keep in Mind When Importing AdWords Enhanced Campaigns into Bing Ads

As of today, July 22nd, all Google AdWords campaigns will be auto-upgraded to enhanced campaigns if they have not already been migrated. Once this occurs, advertisers need to be mindful of some temporary incompatibilities between enhanced campaigns and Bing Ads when importing search ad campaigns from Google AdWords, which will apply for a period of time until our fall release, which starts in September.

We continue to be committed to giving advertisers the tools to control their spending, target the most relevant audience, and ensure they can get the best return on investment. Bing Ads customers will get the new capabilities of enhanced campaigns without losing any of the targeting capabilities that you’ve come to depend on to maximize your return on investment. We will continue to support device targeting at the campaign and ad group level. Enhanced campaigns in Bing Ads will truly be an enhancement to your search advertising experience.

Enhanced Campaigns Feature Support in the Fall Release of Bing Ads

As discussed in my previous blog post, Bing Ads will be making the following changes to support importing of AdWords enhanced campaigns in our fall release:

1)    We will be adding the notion of device preference to ads. This will indicate that an ad prefers to be shown on mobile devices.

2)    There will be a new variable for dynamic text for destination URLs.  You will be able to use {ifmobile} and {ifnotmobile} to specify what destination URL to use depending on whether the user is on a mobile device or not. In addition, the {device} parameter will be supported to enable tracking the device type of the searcher that clicked on the ad.

3)    We will be making significant changes to bid adjustments, including adding support for negative bid adjustments, more granular bid adjustments, increased ranges for bid adjustments and introducing bid adjustments for device targets.

4)    You will be able to create ad-group level Sitelink extensions, which will override the sitelink extensions associated with the campaign. Please note, this will be the only ad extension that will support this functionality in the near future.

Temporary Incompatibilities between Enhanced Campaigns and Bing Ads in the Current Release of Bing Ads

Prior to our fall release, there are various features of enhanced campaigns that will not immediately be recognized when imported into Bing Ads. The following table should be used as a guide when importing enhanced campaigns into Bing Ads between now and our fall release.


Unsupported Functionality



Bing Ads does not recognize mobile device preference when specified on an ad.  Such ads will be treated as being eligible to serve on all device.  

After import, create specific ad groups or campaigns that target mobile devices with for the affected ads.

Ad Extensions

Bing Ads does not recognize mobile device preference when specified on ad extensions such as sitelink extensions or call extensions. 

In addition, ad extensions at the ad group level are not recognized.

After import, create specific ad groups or campaigns that target mobile devices with the affected ad extensions.

After import, recreate the ad extensions at the campaign level.

Value Track Parameters

Bing Ads does not recognize {ifmobile}, {ifnotmobile} and {device} parameters

After import, create specific ad groups or campaigns that target mobile devices and then create mobile specific destination URLs in those campaigns or ad groups.


Radius targets are not recognized on import.

Update campaigns to use location targets after import.

Bid Adjustments

Negative bid adjustments and bid adjustments that are not increments of 10% are not recognized on import.

Mobile bid adjustments are not recognized on import.

After import, create duplicate campaigns with lowered bids as a workaround.

Temporary Pain for Massive Gain

In the short term, advertisers will be inconvenienced by the incompatibilities when bringing their campaigns from AdWords into Bing Ads. However this inconvenience will temporary as our engineering team works on our fall release to improve the interoperability between Bing Ads and AdWords.

In the long run advertisers will have greater options to target customers and can avoid the increased cost created by enhanced campaign in AdWords due to the loss of options which reduce ROI. As always we will continue to work hard to earn your business. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Dare Obasanjo

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform