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Connecting a Microsoft Account to Your Bing Ads Account Will Be Required to Log In

Bing Ads currently offers two ways for customers to log in to their accounts, by using a Bing Ads username and password or by using the Microsoft account system.

Before the end of this year, we will require all users to log in to Bing Ads with a Microsoft account and will eliminate the option of using a Bing Ads account. The purpose of this change is to ensure that all Bing Ads users take advantage of the increased security features of Microsoft account such as two step verification. Two-step verification is when we ask you for two pieces of information anytime you access your account — for example, your password plus a code sent to a phone or email on file as security info.

The best way to prepare for this change is to go to the Bing Ads login page and select the option to link your Microsoft account. This option is highlighted in the screenshot below:

Bing Ads login page account linking option

If you’ve previously linked your Microsoft account to your Bing Ads account then there is no action expected from you.

If you manage your paid search campaigns with the Bing Ads Editor, it should be noted that logging in with your Microsoft account is not supported in the current version. This functionality will be added in a future update and will be announced in this blog.

Applications that use the Bing Ads API will need to be updated to utilize OAuth to authorize API requests when authenticating customers using Microsoft account. Authentication via OAuth is available in both version 8 and the upcoming version 9 of the Bing Ads API.

Dare Obasanjo

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform