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Easily connect with valuable customers this tax season

bing ads tax season ebookTax season is here, and many U.S. residents want to file their 2015 tax returns as soon as possible to get their refunds to help pay off holiday bills, make home improvements and start planning vacations. Searches peak in early February when people get their W2s and again in April as the filing deadline approaches.1

This may be a niche segment of your client portfolio, but it’s one that can yield huge returns on PPC ads given the audience’s strong reliance on search. Here at Bing Ads, we want to help you make smarter connections to achieve more. With that in mind, we’ve put together the 2016 Bing Ads Tax eBook to give you the latest insights and tips you need to help your tax related clients’ search advertising campaigns make an impact on their customers.

bing ads tax season ebook

Did you know that tax services is a $9.3 billion industry in the U.S.?2 Did you also know that the IRS does not advertise? It’s true, so tax season offers a wealth of opportunities for tax related businesses. Last year nearly 90% of invidual tax returns were filed electronically, which means filers are most likely searching online for products and services.3

The numbers are your best asset:

  • Electronic filing has increased 30% since 20093
  • 120.6M people filed their taxes electronically in 2015.4
  • Less than 6% of Americans are unemployed, so filing volume will be high in 2016.5

The Bing Network’s tax season net worth:6

  • 5.3M total tax searchers
  • 12M total tax searches
  • 53% of all tax-paid clicks
  • 48% of tax searchers not reached on Google

Use this information and focus on streamlined targeting with Location Extensions and Call Extensions, keyword and content improvement, and take advantage of new tools and features that enhance your search advertising campaigns to optimize your tax season efforts.

In addition to the Tax eBook, you can find even more marketing research and resources on the Agency Hub.

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