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Competitive insights and more in Keyword Planner v2

We are thrilled to announce that we have enhanced the Keyword Planner tool, giving you even more insights that can help you reach valuable customers more easily with Bing Ads. We’ve taken your feedback and have enhanced an already powerful tool with four new capabilities: new competitive insights and benchmarking, customizable ad group and keyword bids, a new source for keyword suggestions and time range customization up to 24 months for keyword search volume.

NOTE: Currently, Keyword Planner v2 is only available for US customers, but we are working to add other markets over time. Stay tuned here to the Bing Ads Blog for updates as they become available.

Competitive insights and benchmark

Together with the search trends, competition and suggested bid provided before, now you can review your relative ad impression share for keyword suggestions. Furthermore, you can even compare your ad impression share to…

  • Competitor domains: This can help you identify missed opportunities with existing products, enabling you to focus on the keywords where your ad impression share is low compared to advertisers like you and add those keywords with high average monthly search volume and low ad impression share. You can also refer to the marketplace competition intensity and suggested bid to help you decide which keywords to use. 

bing ads keyword planner

  • Market leader domains: This feature compares your ad impression share to the average ad impression share of the top five market leader domains for your keyword suggestions to help you understand keyword opportunities within your industry when planning keywords for new products.

 bing ads keyword planner

Customizable ad group and keyword bid for traffic estimates and scaled bid landscape

In the traffic estimates page, you can change the bids (in the “Max. CPC” column) for individual ad groups and keywords and then see the traffic estimates based on them. If your keywords have different bid amounts, the bid landscape graph will show the estimated performance and spend for each bid percentage change. To adjust all your bids by the same percentage, just hover and click on the desired percentage directly in the graph.

bing ads keyword planner

Landing pages added as keyword suggestion sources

In addition to the seed keywords you can input for searching for new keywords, now you can input the URL of a specific page on your website or your entire website. More keyword sources mean more opportunities for optimization, as well as a means of gaining a competitive edge by analyzing your competitors' web sites.

bing ads keyword planner

Flexible time range customization up to 24 months

We got a lot of asks about customizing the result by date range instead of the default last 12 months after Keyword Planner was released in it’s available! You can now set the time period up to last 24 months to get a more holistic view of the keywords trending year over year. Thus, you can allocate your budget for the coming period by referencing performance history. This should be especially helpful when running a seasonal campaign and need to look for trending keywords; you can get suggestions that are particularly relevant during certain period of the seasonal event.

Can’t wait to try all these new features? Sign in now to get excited or learn more in our Help Center:  “How to use Keyword Planner” and “Understanding your Keyword Planner statistics and traffic estimates.”

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to ping us on Twitter, visit us to ask questions at the Bing Ads Answers forum, submit and vote on your top-priority features at the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion forum, or send us your feedback directly at