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Now Available in Bing Ads: Campaign Performance Data in Under an Hour

You’ve been asking for faster performance data and we heard you.  You will now see your clicks and impressions in less than an hour of them occurring, down from 4 hours in the past. 

Armed with this faster turnaround, you will be able to stay on top of your campaign’s performance, see which bidded terms are hot and where the clicks are.  Data is now arriving 10 times faster than before, enabling you to optimize much more rapidly.

How do I start using the faster data?

Just sign in to Bing Ads and start right away!  You can now see performance data that includes everything up to the current hour-in-progress. 

Faster performance data, as well as impression and click performance reports (see list below) are all visible on the Campaign page.  If you use the Bing Ads Reporting API, then you will need to set a flag on API calls indicating that you want to see data as it arrives (see the FAQ section below).

Which data did we make faster?

We accelerated data about ad impressions and user clicks.  The following performance reports will be ready in under an hour:


Website Placement


Destination URL


Ad Dynamic Text


Rich Ad Component


Ad Extension by Keyword

Product Offer

Ad Extensions by Ad

Product Target

Ad Extension Details

These reports were not made faster at this time:

Search Term

Targeting Reports

Share of Voice

Campaign Analytics Reports

Call Forwarding Detail

Billing and Budget Reports

Change History Reports



How do I get faster performance data from the API? 

The Bing Ads Reporting API contains a parameter called ReturnOnlyCompleteData that defaults to FALSE.  To retrieve faster data you need to (i) ensure this parameter is set to FALSE (i.e. verify your code does not set t to TRUE), and (ii) request data for the current date (i.e. ‘today’) – this will allow you to get data as it arrives.  This parameter is visible right here in the WSDL if you just can’t wait to take a look.

What is the expected duration from an impression being shown until I can see it?

The data will be visible in the reports in less than an hour, often much less.  For example if you had a campaign go live at 10:00am EST, you could start watching for reporting data to start showing up around 10:20 to 10:30am EST.  You can expect most data to be complete within an hour after it occurred, with very little change in data after that.

Will the data get faster in future releases?

We are continually working to remove latency from the process, so we expect the data to move faster as we move ahead.

Will you be making other data faster?

As we plan future releases we may accelerate other data.  Have an opinion about which report would most benefit your business by being faster?  Please let me know by commenting below, or via the  Feature Suggestion Forum


Robbie Devine

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

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