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Bing Ads Editorial Policy Change: Updates Needed for Ads with Phone Numbers starting February 2015

Due to a change in our editorial policies, starting February 2015 in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Taiwan, phone numbers will only be allowed through the use of Call Extensions or Location Extensions. The ad, title, body, URL, and any other ad extensions, such as Sitelink Extensions, can no longer feature phone numbers in plain text.

Note that this change will take effect in February 2015 for new campaigns only. Existing campaigns will not be affected by this change until June 2015 (more information below), provided that you do not make any changes to those existing campaigns.

Any updates made to your ads once this policy change goes into effect – even those that have nothing to do with the use of a phone number – will cause the new policy checks to be applied to those ads that were edited. For example, if your ad features a phone number in the ad text and in March 2015, you edit your ad to fix a typo, you may then experience a rejection based on the presence of a phone number in ad text.

Update Existing Ads with Phone Numbers by June 2015

Although untouched existing ads with phone numbers will remain as they are until June 2015, after that point, any ads that are not in compliance with this editorial policy update may be rejected and will stop serving until the necessary changes are made.

Although only the Unites States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Taiwan will be affected by the policy change next month, it is reasonable to expect this policy to be deployed in all markets, globally at some point in the near future. Therefore, we recommend that you start updating all of your ads that currently include a phone number in the title, body, URL or any other ad extensions (other than Call and Location Extensions) in preparation for this change.

If your ad is for a market that disallows phone numbers in the ad copy, we recommend that you update all of your campaigns to remove these phone numbers and start using Call Extensions. Otherwise, you may experience a rejection due to using phone number in ad copy.

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