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12 PPC Tips From the Experts to Start 2014 with a Bang

If you spend any time at digital marketing conferences around the world, the likelihood is you will have seen one of the below industry experts generously impart their wisdom during sessions. Following on the success of last year’s post –  Bing Ads Presents: 10 Top PPC Tips for 2013 from our SEM Industry Friends (in Fewer than 140 Characters)we’ve asked the same folks (and one or two more) what they think will be hot topics in the Paid-Per Click (PPC) industry in 2014.

Take a look and share your thoughts on what you think should be a PPC professional’s focus over the next twelve months:

1.) Andrew Goodman from Page Zero Media:

Develop a keen sense of whether keyword intent is predominantly commercial, B2B, or informational. It's a vast keyword sea! Focus!

2.) Bas van den Beld from State of Digital:

Find out different holidays and traditions around the world and act on that. China has a different new year for example!

3.) Brad GeddesCertified Knowledge:

With the rise in mobile searches & the #PPC changes with enhanced campaigns, you must test ads by device:

4.) Bryan Eisenberg from

Stop thinking of PPC as "pay per click" and begin to think about it as "pay per conversation."

5.) Jen

Does your competitor offer a similar product? Bid on the brand with you vs. them in the ad copy / landing page & explain why you are better.

6.) Joe Kerschbaum from 3QDigital:

In 2014, advertisers need to remember that search is a path, not a destination.  Search is about making a real connection between people.

7.) Larry Kim from Wordstream:

On avg, clicks from mobile search worth > desktop b/c stronger search intent, but currently cost less – sale to end as ppl. wise up in 2014!

8.) Lisa Raehsler from Big Click Company:

Max out PPC strategy for mobile. Try Bing smartphone or tablet only camps w mobile ad copy + call extens. Resources:

9.) Matt Van Wagner from FindMeFaster:

Get smarter w/ display advertising. Learn how colors, words, & images work together. Master real targeting. Avoid remarketing “schmere.”

10.) Melissa Mackey from gyro:

Businesses without a good mobile presence are missing nearly half of their market. Make 2014 your year to take advantage of mobile PPC.

11.) David Szetela from FMB Media:

Many advertisers think the Bing Ads Intelligence Tool is better than Google's Keyword Planner. Decide for yourself!

12.) Manny Rivas from AimClear:

Support business goals WITH campaign & acct STRUCTURE. A detailed naming convention allows data to pivot & report on important business objectives.

And, because a new year offers an opportunity for resolutions, this is a great time to look ahead. In 2014, I’m focusing on sharing more great insights (like our Ad Copy Heatmaps), YBN audience stats by vertical and Excel tips.  Here’s how others at Bing Ads are responding to your feedback and hoping to make your life easier:

 John Cosley, Director of Marketing, Bing Ads

Be more transparent on the impact your feedback has in improving our products and services.

Dare Obasanjo, Principal Program Manager Lead, Bing Ads

To write more blog posts answering your questions about Bing Ads and giving insight into our product roadmap.


Simone Schuurer, Community Manager (EMEA), Bing Ads     

Giving you great, direct access to those close to Bing Ads and Microsoft Digital Advertising through new initiatives in our LinkedIn group.                                                                                                                                                       

There you have it, 12 excellent points to consider for your PPC plans in 2014 and our Bing Ads New Year’s Resolutions. However, the conversation doesn’t have to end here, please use the comments to tell us your tips.

Happy New Year from Bing Ads!