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Product Ads campaigns: Transition plan

With the release and success of Bing Shopping Campaigns — a new and optimal way to manage your Product Ads — the next few months will bring you a series of phased stages to help you transition away from the old method of managing Product Ads. We’re excited to offer Bing Shopping Campaigns to help you connect with valuable customers in easier ways. With Bing Shopping Campaigns, you’ll save time and allocate your budgets more precisely with improved conveniences like enhanced reporting right down to the ID level.

Phase I

First week of February: All new campaigns for Product Ads will begin leveraging Bing Shopping Campaigns. At this time, you will not be able to create new legacy Product Ads campaigns, but you will continue to be able to manage your existing campaigns.

We recommend that if you have not yet transitioned to Bing Shopping Campaigns, start at your earliest convenience and do so before the start of Phase II in March. We’ll do our best to make sure the transition to Bing Shopping Campaigns goes as smoothly as possible. However, because we are not able to guarantee a lossless transition, it is advisable to move to Bing Shopping Campaigns manually and before the automated transition begins so that you have full control over the transition.

Learn more about the various options available in Bing Shopping Campaigns for a smooth manual transition that you can start implementing immediately. 

Phase II

First week of March: All existing active Product Ads campaigns will begin transitioning to Bing Shopping Campaigns. At this point, you will not be able to modify your existing Product Ads campaigns or create new product targets or extensions. You can pause them or delete them, but beyond that no other operations will be supported.

Please note:

  • We will only transition active Product Ads campaigns. If you have traditional Product Ads campaigns that are running with Bing Shopping Campaigns as well, we will still convert the existing Product Ads campaigns into new Bing Shopping Campaigns. In order to avoid duplication, please pause all your Product Ads campaigns that you have already transitioned to Bing Shopping Campaigns.


  • As part of the automatic transition, some Product Target/Campaign Filter attributes will be converted to new Bing Shopping Campaigns attributes.

bing ads product ads bing shopping campaigns

  • Also note that not all information will be converted:

bing ads product ads bing shopping campaigns

Transition checklist

Post migration, please make sure to check the below to ensure that your campaigns have successfully transitioned:

  • Based on the mapping done as mentioned above as part of the migration, please ensure that your feeds have the same mapping. For example, if you are using Bing Ads Labels in your product target, then these should be moved over to the “Custom Label 4” column in your feed.
  • Review your new Bing Shopping Campaigns product groups to make sure they are matching to offers. A quick way of doing this is in the Bing Ads UI as follows:

a.  Drill into your New Shopping Campaign -> Ad Group -> Product Group tab -> Expand the tree.

b.  Against each node in the Product Group you will three dots, click on that.

c.   A pop-up window will open to show you how many offers from your feed match that condition. You should validate these to make sure the setup is correct.

 bing ads product ads bing shopping campaigns

Phase III

First week of April: All active legacy Product Ads campaigns will be fully transitioned to Bing Shopping Campaigns and will no longer serve from the system , only the new Shopping Campaigns will serve. Don’t worry — you will still be able to retrieve the product target or the offer level reports for the old campaigns.

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