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#AskBingAds Episode 3: Do we have an ETA on Labels?

With the launch of the new brand, we're taking a new approach to our #AskBingAds video series. Moving forward, we will be dedicating one question per video to keep them short and sweet. That also means we will be releasing more videos, more often. So, take a moment and subscribe to the Bing Ads YouTube channel to make sure you're always in the loop with the latest from Bing Ads.

Here's #AskBingAds Episode 3, where we uncover a new upcoming feature…

Keep asking us questions on Twitter using #AskBingAds and each month we’ll choose several to address in upcoming episodes. If your question is selected, you’ll get one of the fabulous t-shirts you see me wearing.

A huge thank you to those that submitted questions, keep them coming!