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Mobile Sitelinks Now Available on Bing Ads

In this smartphone age, and as your customers move their daily activities to mobile, your marketing efforts need to follow them. Since December 2013, we have enabled over 60 percent of the Yahoo Bing Network (YBN) mobile traffic to run Sitelinks in the US. Today, we would like to share with you that in the coming weeks, we will be ramping up to 100 percent mobile devices.

At Bing Ads, we are very much aware of your marketing needs and are working tirelessly to meet them. Over the last year, we have:

•    Doubled the number of mobile clicks delivered to you by growing our network, and increased our mobile market share.
•    Released new features specifically to help you optimize your mobile campaigns.
•    Completed numerous algorithm improvements to ensure a quality online marketplace for you and your audience alike.

We are delighted to see that many of you are responding by adding mobile devices to your campaigns in order to reach your customers more effectively.

Following the success of Sitelink Extensions on PCs, we have been working on expanding this product to mobile. We are continuing to invest in developing the optimal experience for different mobile devices and will increase traffic enabled for Sitelinks. In addition to launching Sitelinks for Mobile in the US, we are also launching it in several EU markets, including the UK, France, and soon, Germany, as well as others.  

With the launch of Sitelinks for Mobile, along with Location and Call Extensions, Bing Ads offers a powerful suite of ad products on all devices. Regardless of your industry or size, YBN can help you engage your customers on their mobile devices effectively and effortlessly. Check out the links below to get started with adding Sitelinks to your mobile campaigns.

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