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Bing Ads is Testing Close Variant Matching (US Only)

*Update 8/24 – As of June 2015, the close variant opt out functionality has been removed.

Starting this week, Bing Ads will start testing the inclusion of close variants in exact match in the US market for a portion of queries. During this test, exact match will include minor grammatical variations, such as plurals, abbreviations, acronyms, spacing and misspellings.

Exact match close variants will help drive more highly qualified click volume to your campaigns, maximizing your presence on the queries that are the most relevant to your products and services. Ultimately, this feature will be designed to match your ad to queries that represent exactly the same intent to those you are already using. The close variants feature does the work to optimize for you, ensuring that your ad shows when the query varies only slightly from the keywords you have already selected.

In the United States only, we expect this test to cover the below close variant types:

The Bing Ads close variants test will be subject to extremely high relevancy thresholds, and close variants are mined from a number of highly qualified sources.

NOTE: We understand and respect that some advertisers would like to maintain precise control over their keyword choice during this test, and that’s why we have provided the tools to control your participation in Bing Ads, in Bing Ads Editor and the API. To indicate your preference for this feature, go to "Advanced Settings", and then choose your preference in the "Keyword Matching Options" section.

Thank you for your continued support.

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