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The Art and Science of Remarketing Optimization Q&A

Today we're answering the audience questions we received during the The Art and Science of Remarketing webcast but didn’t have time to answer. This webcast (now available on-demand) explores remarketing optimization to help you unlock the potential of this unique way to reconnect with your audience. From myth busting to strategies that go beyond the basics, recharge your retargeting techniques and reimagine the possibilities of remarketing. It is hosted by MJ DePalma, Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager, Chris Hoag, Bing Ads Senior Account Manager, and special guest speaker Kendall Todd from Metric Theory.

Q. What's a "micro conversion"?
A. Kendall Todd: A micro conversion is an action taken that is not your final conversion event (purchase of product or service), but is an event that indicates interest and intent, such as a newsletter sign up or white paper download.

Q. For Myth #3 are you saying that Bing Ads remarketing is effective for visitors that initially came from other traffic sources such as, ahem, Adwords? :)
A. Kendall Todd: Absolutely!  It's very common for people to move cross-channel in their conversion path, so by targeting site visitors from other traffic sources you can capture those users when they get to Bing.

Q. What are non-brand keywords?
A. Kendall Todd: Any keyword that is not the name of your business (brand keyword).

Q. Because we are a law firm, we haven't been able to use remarketing with Google -- does Bing Ads have the same privacy restriction?
A. Find out more about our remarketing in paid search policies here.

Q. Do we only need one UET tag for multiple accounts?
A. Chris Hoag: Yes. If all accounts are in the same customer shell they can share one UET Tag/Tag ID and you can then share those lists across the various accounts - more info can be found here.

Q. How can you avoid passing personally identifiable information if you remarket with something like or CRM email lists?
A. Chris Hoag: Currently we don't offer a version of customer match where we have the ability to upload.

Q. Where can we use this re-marketing list? We don't have re-marketing campaigns in Bing Ads.
A. Chris Hoag: You can apply your remarketing lists at the ad group level to Search, Native, and Bing Shopping Campaigns. Once you have created the list, and it has hit its threshold of 1,000 users you can follow the steps outlined here to apply.

Q. Do we have to get the UTM from Bing Ads, add it to our page, and then put it in the link for the remarketing list?
A. Chris Hoag: You can leverage any UTM value you are currently using with your other channels - just ensure to capture that within the 'Who to add to your list' portion of the Remarketing list creation. More info can be found here.

Q. What kind of generic keywords should I use for my new remarketing campaign?
A. Chris Hoag: My clients have seen success testing terms that would be considered premium head terms. For example, if you have a chain of hotels you may not want to compete against huge OTAs on a term like [seattle hotels] but if you know someone has visited your site and viewed Seattle hotels you would have more confidence to bid aggressively on that Audience as opposed to bidding aggressively in every auction.

Q. Is a conversion tag the same as a UET tag?
A. Chris Hoag: For conversions using a destination URL, duration, or pages viewed per visit you can leverage your existing UET tag and define that conversion event in the UI. For custom events, you will need a snippet of code that will correspond with that conversion event and more information can be found here.

Q. In terms of getting started with remarketing would you recommend starting with general list creation and bidding on those, and then moving to remarketing campaign breakouts? As a follow up, would you bid up on keywords that are already in a high position or only those in a lower position?
A. Chris Hoag: If we don't have a clear strategy my best advice is to create your audiences and then layer on all existing ad groups as bid only - this won't have any effect on delivery, and we can pull reporting on their performances. Once we see which audiences are outperforming our baseline KPIs we can look at additional strategies around target & bid campaigns - more info on that can be found here. Regarding the bid amounts; if you feel your position is high but it is a keyword you want to test look for options around ad copy and landing pages that may help improve your CTR and conversion rate.

Q. What remarketing technique works if you have low website visitation?
A. Chris Hoag: Cast a wide net to ensure you can hit that 1,000-member threshold so you can start as soon as possible but also look to run concurrent audiences that visit important pages on your site or interact with your content - they may take a while to hit that threshold but will be worth it when they do!