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Calling all agencies: New features added in Bing Places for Business

If you’re an agency managing client business listings on Bing Places for Business, we have some exciting news. We’ve added several new features to help you get your clients’ listings added and kept up to date.

First, register as an agency

We consider you an agency if you’ve been authorized or contracted by another business to manage their listings on Bing Places. In fact, registering yourself as an agency is the only way for you to manage someone else’s business listing on Bing Places.  Registering as an agency also allows you the convenience of adding and updating multiple businesses from a single account. You can also monitor the performance of the different businesses from a single dashboard.

To register as an agency, you will need to provide information about your agency and verify your agency’s email address. Go to to get started.

Add multiple businesses

After registering as an agency, Bing Places allows you to add up to 10,000 businesses at once. Simply fill this template, complete and submit. The template includes comments and information about how to add the required information for each business.

After you upload your listings, they are reviewed for quality assurance purposes. Listings not conforming to the data quality guidelines will be suspended and not processed further. Listings that do pass the data quality review will then undergo client verification.

Get verification

After you submit your clients’ business listing to Bing Places, your client must verify the listing, which helps us ensure that you are authorized to manage their information. During client verification, a verification PIN is sent by postcard to each of your clients. Either you or your client then must enter that PIN on Bing Places to complete verification. 

Businesses are often listed and verified individually. However, it is also possible to register a “chain” business. A chain business has multiple locations, franchises, properties, or store fronts spread across a geographical region. Examples include retail stores, hotels and fast food restaurants. The advantage of registering a business as a chain is that you do not have verify each location of the chain individually. You instead must provide a signed authorization from your client (chain). We will verify the authorization and then set up your agency account to manage the chain locations.

Your agency dashboard

Possibly one of the most useful new features for agencies is the agency dashboard.

 bing places for business agency dashboard

On the dashboard, you can add new businesses listings and check on the listings you’ve already submitted.

The dashboard provides a summary of all the listings you’ve added to date. No more wondering if your listings have been processed! The summary also includes a count of listings that have problems that need to be corrected. You can download these listings along with the error information for each one. You can then quickly get them fixed and resubmitted.

Finally, the dashboard also provides detailed information for each individual listing, including status and impression information. Each item includes links allowing you to see the actual listing on Bing and Bing Maps.

It’s always nice to share

As an agency, you can use a single account to manage all of your listings. You can also share access to individual listings with each of your clients. Sharing access allows the client to view and work with their listing from their own account on Bing Places.

Give it a try

If you’re an agency helping clients get the business on Bing, now’s the time. Bing Places for Business’ new agency tools make it easier than ever.