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Lucy Wang


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Insights to optimize for tax return season

The holidays are in full swing and good cheer is in the air. For tax software and services advertisers, now is also the time to prep your campaigns for the upcoming tax filing season. Last year, the IRS received 138.2 million individual tax returns, including more than 120 million e-filed returns.[1] With a strong economy and low unemployment, a high number of returns are also expected between late January and April 15, 2016.[2] That’s good news for tax service and software providers, especially...

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Broad Match: The ultimate volume player

You know broad match brings you additional traffic. However, you at times question the relevance of broad match, particularly when compared to other popular match types. Just like beauty, ad relevance is in the eye of the beholder. In search advertising, our searcher’s interpretation of relevance can vary drastically based on their unique personas, preferences and trends. In the past 12 months, we’ve worked hard to improve our broad match technology to give you quality and control, in addition...

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Are You Ready for the Last Dash for Tax Season? Ask Me about Financial Services Search Strategies

I’m Lucy Wang, Senior Vertical Marketing Lead of Financial Services with Bing Ads. While Financial Services industry had certainly met its challenges in the past few years, it is now enjoying a major comeback. I would like to share some useful...

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Make Tax Season a Time to Connect with Customers on the Yahoo Bing Network

For most people, tax time now means a lot of extra time spent online. They use the digital world to research tax information, hunt for tax-related resources, and file taxes. In fact, some 131.1 million tax returns were submitted electronically in...

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Tips for Reaching a High Quality Travel Audience Across Devices

Microsoft has many touch points into diverse user groups around the world. Travel opportunities arise from this global ecosystem of assets, creating new experiences for both consumers and advertisers. Bing and Bing Ads represent the incredible...

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