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Dominate the Offense with Mainline Bids

In search advertising, having your ads in a top position is critical to success. If your ads are stuck on the sidelines, there are changes you can make to move them into better positions and get higher click-through rates. Our internal study shows that 90% of the clicks come from mainline ads. If you’re wondering how much of a bid increase you need for your ads to score more clicks, Bing Ads’ Opportunities page is here to help you achieve more with confidence. How much should you bid to move the...

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Six Moves to Put Your Automotive Campaigns in the Driver’s Seat

With Q1 on the books, it’s the perfect time to look at your numbers and see how you’re fairing in the online marketplace for 2016. Could you do better with your digital spend? Perhaps. Can Bing Ads help you maximize the quality and boost the quantity of car buyers to your site? Yes! While you’ve been doing what you do best – selling – we on the Bing Ads team have been doing what we do best – monitoring search trends and adding new features (like Image extensions) to our ad platform to help auto...

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Make the Grade in Back to School Sales

Books closed. Pencils down. Laptops packed. School’s out for summer. While summer camp or a vacation may be top of mind for customers, shopping for back-to-school is right there too. 63% of consumers start shopping as early as June, so get your ad plans ready to go early and plan through September. Here are a few key insights. In 2015, 37% of back-to-school spending was on K-12 students with apparel being the most purchased – some 50% of total sales. 63% was spent on those heading for their...

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Six ways to improve your leisure travel ad copy

Summer is the high season for adventure, including the perennial American favorite – the road trip. Have you planned your vacation yet? Have your customers? As travel advertisers, time is of the essence to capture searchers in the late spring and early summer as they research their options and plan and book their summertime adventures. For leisure travel campaigns, it’s critical that you choose your words carefully. And in search advertising, it’s even more important when you have less than a...

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6 ways education advertisers can make the grade in 2016

American adults have an incentive to choose work over higher education, because the national unemployment rate is expected to stay below 6% through 2020.[1]That means competition for new students will heat up in 2016 and stay hot in the near term. Also, with the federal government’s new Gainful Employment regulations, it’s critical that colleges and universities, especially for-profit schools, demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs to the prospective students, as well as to...

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