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Frances Donegan-Ryan

Microsoft Advertising Community Manager

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BLOG POSTS BY Frances Donegan-Ryan

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Inside view on Bing Ads Connect: What came first? Sales or Trusted partnership?

The Bing Ads team travelled to Philadelphia two weeks ago to meet and connect with local search advertising experts. We gathered the group together to collaborate, learn, gain insights into the technology available today and to think about the future of search. Our team got a chance to share how Microsoft thinks about search, the latest and greatest on the Bing Ads platform and to listen to feedback from our customers. Together we know we can help define the success of the industry. As part of...

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The Art of Advertiser Science: The Science of Remarketing follow-up and Q & A

We had our latest Art of Advertising Science webcast last week where we covered paid remarketing. Remarketing is how you can say hello again to customers who have previously visited your site, with an ad that shows up when they search on relevant terms. For example, let’s say you want to target visitors who spent 2+ minutes on a product page, maybe your Insane Running Shoe page. The next time those people search on keywords related to your Insane Running Shoe, your ad will appear in the search...

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Recap: The Kevin Bacon Approach to Keyword Attribution

The assumption in Hollywood circles is that everyone is just six people from knowing Kevin Bacon – and that the closer your degree is to Kevin Bacon, the more successful you will be. This is a great analogy for understanding how keywords can assist conversions, even if those keywords themselves aren’t conversion stars. Conversion attribution continues to be the bugaboo of digital marketing, especially as searchers stretch across screens and absorb the influence of social media. There’s nothing...

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The science of brand bidding: Follow-up and FAQs

The pros and cons of bidding on your own brand terms can keep you running in circles. On one hand, bidding on your own brand terms could be a waste of money if your organic results are showing up anyway. On the other, what do you lose (or, what’s the cost) when you don’t invest in bidding on your brand terms? The data scientists at Bing Ads wanted answers on the brand-term bidding question, so they created tests, conducted the study and compiled the data. Led by Lars Hirsch, our Director of...

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