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Dare Obasanjo

Group Program Manager, Applications and Developer Platform

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BLOG POSTS BY Dare Obasanjo

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Things to Keep in Mind When Importing AdWords Enhanced Campaigns into Bing Ads

As of today, July 22nd, all Google AdWords campaigns will be auto-upgraded to enhanced campaigns if they have not already been migrated. Once this occurs, advertisers need to be mindful of some temporary incompatibilities between enhanced...

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Connecting a Microsoft Account to Your Bing Ads Account Will Be Required to Log In

Bing Ads currently offers two ways for customers to log in to their accounts, by using a Bing Ads username and password or by using the Microsoft account system. Before the end of this year, we will require all users to log in to Bing Ads with a...

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More Details on How Bing Ads Will Support Importing of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

In April I wrote a blog post which described our intention to continue to support advertisers importing their search ads campaigns from Google AdWords into Bing Ads as AdWords’ transitions to Enhanced Campaigns. Today’s blog post will go into some...

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Upcoming Changes to Bid Adjustments in the Yahoo Bing Network

As part of our goal to constantly improve the product based on your feedback, we will be making some changes to the way incremental bids work in Bing Ads. These changes will not only give advertisers more options to control how bidding on keywords...

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Enhanced Campaigns, Bing Ads and Advertiser Choice

Two months ago the Google AdWords team announced enhanced campaigns for AdWords. This announcement represents a sweeping change to how search advertising will work in Google’s family of products over the next few months. These changes are so...

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