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Dare Obasanjo

Group Program Manager, Applications and Developer Platform

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5 Best Practices When Signing in to Bing Ads with a Microsoft Account

In October, we took the first step in making Microsoft accounts the preferred way to sign in to Bing Ads. Since making this change, we’ve received a number of questions from advertisers and agencies about the best way to manage the transition...

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An Update on Using Microsoft Accounts to Sign in to Bing Ads

Note: This blog post is over a year old and contains outdated, inaccurate information. For the most recent guidance on signing in to Bing Ads, please visit the Help article on this topic. -------------------------------------------------- Last week, we began the process of encouraging Bing Ads users to sign in with a Microsoft account, which will replace the usage of Bing Ads accounts to sign in next year. Since then, thousands of Bing Ads customers have made the transition and given us feedback...

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Starting This Week, Using a Microsoft Account Will be the Preferred Way to Sign In to Bing Ads

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we are strengthening account security in Bing Ads, which includes transitioning to using a Microsoft account instead of your Bing Ads user name and password. The transition to a Microsoft account will bring...

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Recent Changes to Improve Account Security in Bing Ads

As part of our ongoing commitment to protect the integrity of our customer experience, we recently rolled out two changes that improve your account security when managing your campaigns in Bing Ads. These changes include the adoption of Extended...

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Compatibility with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Arrives this Week

Starting today, we have begun to roll out a number of features to enable better interoperability with enhanced campaigns on Google AdWords. These changes will enable Bing Ads customers that import search ad campaigns from Google AdWords to do so...

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