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Marketing with Purpose

June 2020

Insights & trends
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Duration: 32:59

Trust helps brands connect with people. It goes beyond protecting people’s data. It’s about understanding their values and making people feel recognized and respected. When you broaden your view on trust, you build loyalty and create business value. Especially in these challenging times, a trusted relationship for the long-term is paved with empathy, genuine service, and knowing your brand’s purpose in the interconnected world. That’s marketing with purpose.

The Acceleration of Brand Performance through Trust, Love, and Loyalty

In this webcast we are going to share with you the story of trust, love and loyalty and how marketers today should leverage trust as a building block to creating stronger brand relationships. Let’s be honest, the job of a marketer is becoming increasingly complex. With ever tightening privacy regulations, continually shifting consumer demands and saturated marketplaces that are becoming more and more challenging to stand out in, we all have our jobs cut out for us. It is becoming more and more important for brands to focus on building strong and lasting relationships with customers. We conducted this research as a tool to help, not only us as a brand, but also the brands we work with, build relationships with consumers that can withstand the ever changing consumer landscape.