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November 2020


Insights, audiences and tools for small business

Learn how small businesses can drive more leads, phone calls, appointments, visits or purchases with Microsoft Advertising. Find your audience on our network and connect with them using our efficient and easy-to-use tools. Advertising on the Microsoft Search Network connects you with a large customer base, including 48.6 million desktop searchers not reached on Google. And if you already use Google Ads, getting started is easy porting over your campaigns using Google Import.

Join us as we cover the following topics tailored for small business:

  • Marketplace insights
  • Unique audience opportunities (Microsoft Audience Network, Search partners and more)
  • Easy-to-use tools (Google Import, Auto-bidding, Dynamic Search ads and more)
  • The latest updates on the Digital Marketing Center and Smart Campaigns

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Stein Broeder

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Cristiano Ventura

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Kevin Salat

Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Advertising

Ankit Kapoor

Senior Program Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Rosé Dorleans

Program Manager

Microsoft Advertising