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Microsoft Advertising Network policies

Restricted content

30 June 2023


Government services and products

  • Unless otherwise noted, advertising for products and services offered by the government is only allowed directly from the government, including, but not limited to: tax forms, Passport, Visa, ESTA, birth certificate, change of address, license/registration renewal, carte grise, food stamps/emergency funding, and social security.
    • For clarity, services that are not provided by the government such as legal services/law firms, and accounting such as end-to-end tax preparation services/software are generally permitted.
  • Advertisers may not falsely pose as or claim affiliation with a government agency.
  • Websites cannot use methods that make their site appear to be the government through the use of items such as official colors, seals, logos, domain names, etc.

Country/Region Exceptions

United States
  • Advertising will only be considered for the following types of government services unless otherwise approved by Microsoft: 
    • Recreational passes/licenses including but not limited to, hunting license, fishing license, national park pass, forest pass, etc.   
    • Vehicle registration and title services including but not limited to registration renewal, replacement of lost title, replacement of lost tabs/sticker, etc. 
    • Vital records including but not limited to birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, etc. 
  • Advertisers must provide proof of government delegation or authorization for the product/service they will be advertising. For state level authorization, proof for each state targeted must be provided. 
    • Advertisers may only target states where they have received authorization to provide a product/service. 
    • Unique accounts (XIDs) must be utilized for each state that will be targeted. 
    • Targeting any location, or advertising for products/services that have not been expressly approved with proof of authorization is prohibited. 
    To apply for participation, advertisers must complete the application form