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Marketing with Purpose

Trust helps brands connect with people. It goes beyond protecting people’s data. It’s about understanding their values and making people feel recognised and respected. When you broaden your view on trust, you build loyalty and create business value. That’s Marketing with Purpose.

Building business value through trust, love, and loyalty

We conducted research to discover what trust means to consumers, especially the role it plays in driving purchase consideration and business value. Get insights on the opportunity trust creates for brands to develop an authentic relationship with consumers.

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The Psychology of Inclusion and the Effects in Advertising: Gen Z

We conducted research to help determine how inclusion in advertising plays a role with consumers and share 5 key research insights in a newly published whitepaper.
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A human-centred approach to business

Learn how to humanise your brand by finding meaning and identifying shared values with your audience. We share generational and industry differences.
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Customer spotlight: Merkle champions inclusive, people-based marketing

Merkle curates the relationship that brands have with their customers and builds data ecosystems to give clients a deeper, more actionable understanding of their customers. Then they create and execute the digital strategies to help them reach customers.
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Inclusive Marketing: Five mindset shifts every brand can make

After conducting research studies on inclusion and the effects in advertising, we’ve learned that it’s time to change the way we think about our customer relationships. Learn five mindset shifts to get you on your way to Marketing with Purpose.
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Re-imagining your business with Purpose in the time of COVID-19

What does your brand stand for? This has become even more important amidst COVID-19. We published a new eBook to help you re-imagine and future-proof your business through a purpose-led lens.

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Diagram showing purchase consideration at the intersection of loyalty, trust, and love.

Maximising purchase consideration through the trust curve

Trust is pivotal between a brand and its consumers. It serves as the foundation for love and loyalty, which lead to purchase consideration. Learn about the trust curve, which demonstrates consumer expectations that build the laddering effects of trust, love and loyalty.
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Mindshare drives results with a culture of trust and innovation

"My favourite thing about working with Microsoft Advertising is that they help us drive innovation for our clients and are a trusted partner."
- Chris Camacho, Chief Performance Officer, Mindshare
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Brand strategy for a global emergency: Help people survive and thrive

To help your business survive and thrive in a global pandemic, we explore lessons from psychology, the skillset of first responders, and the art of storytelling.
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COVID-19 insights and resources for advertisers

As consumers remain home, search has grown in increasing importance. Our goal is to provide you with regularly updated insights and trends to allow you to make informed decisions for your business.

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