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Insurance company gains a whole new search audience with Bing Ads

November 2014


Zelf Insurance, the online car insurance brand of SNS Reaal, needs to attract customers while facing competition from big players in a crowded insurance market.


Zelf was succeeding through search advertising with Google AdWords thanks to its partner agency OrangeValley, but it wanted to extend its reach. Zelf worked with OrangeValley to begin paid search campaigns with Bing Ads in 2014, taking advantage of a high-quality audience and a lower cost per click.


Results showed Bing Ads to be more cost-effective than AdWords, with visitors performing 22% more quote calculations, giving a 168% higher conversion ratio and providing a 44% lower cost per order. “We quickly realised that this was a different pool of customers who were maybe slightly older, not as tablet- and mobile-orientated as AdWords users, but who were likely to stay longer on the site,” says Victor Küppers, marketing manager at Zelf Insurance.

Check out our case study in Dutch, or below in English.

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