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Gift marketplace gets a 25% lower cost per click with Bing Ads

November 2014

Challenge, a marketplace with over 4,000 creative businesses selling uniquely designed items, competes with hundreds of companies across many different markets and needs to make the best use of its marketing budget.


With its agency Stellar Search handling the day-to-day running of its search campaigns, uses Bing Ads in addition to Google AdWords. Bing Ads Editor makes it easy to import campaigns, and Sitelink Extensions bring people to specific sections of the website.

Results gains a 25% lower cost per click with Bing Ads than with Google AdWords. It also gets high conversion and click-through rates along with an increase in traffic and revenue. "We're happy to keep pushing spend as long as we continue to see positive results,” says John Ashton, search manager at “With the strong return on investment and low cost per lead numbers, it's an easy decision to make.”

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