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Canadian agency helps internet service company gain new leads at a lower cost

October 2015


Xplornet, Canada’s largest rural internet service company, turned to search marketing agency, Green Lotus, to drive new leads and improve its return on investment.


Green Lotus analysed campaign metrics to optimise search campaign results, then recommended including Bing Ads in the company’s marketing mix to boost returns.


Xplornet’s campaigns have been expanded into several geographies and the company has tripled its budget while seeing a strong return on investment. Green Lotus has had great results with other customer campaigns as well. “We ran three apples-to-apples campaigns between Bing Ads and Google AdWords, and Bing Ads always outperformed AdWords in terms of the metric that really matters — ROAS (return on ad spend),” says Green Lotus founder, Bassem Ghali.

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