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Agency uses Bing Ads to increase sales leads by 104% for small salon business

April 2015


After three months of managing pay-per-click advertising on its own, small salon Siutse wasn’t getting the return on investment it needed. So, it enlisted the help of digital marketing agency White Shark Media® to reach more customers and install proper tracking for campaign results.


Using Bing Ads, White Shark Media focused on specific goals for Siutse’s search advertising campaign, which included acquiring three to five calls per day from potential customers, lowering the average CPC, and obtaining a better position in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The agency did this through hand-picking keywords, using the Bing Ads Research Keywords tool and leveraging the auction insights report.


By expanding the Siutse search advertising campaign with Bing Ads, White Shark Media provided more leads and improve the company’s return on investment significantly. Specifically, the agency increased the amount of phone calls by 144% and decreased the cost per lead by 96%. “After running ads on the Bing Network for just three months,” says store owner David Nuñez, “The company has achieved better results than I ever expected.”

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