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ESV Digital: Focused and friendly

May 2016

If a marketing agency were a telescope intended to focus your business on its desired audience, ESV Digital knows exactly the three legs that would make up its tripod.

First would be data analytics, a cornerstone of the company ever since it was founded in 2004 as a data-driven PPC specialist. Next would be consulting, a service that ESV provides in such sectors as retail, finance and travel. The final leg, of course, would be marketing — where technology and methodology unite in a battle for keywords and pay-per-click supremacy.

“ESV is like a nerdy tech company,” explains Matthew Russell, senior account manager. “It’s everything about data analytics and hard figures, but there’s also a creative side where we have a lot of long-standing client relationships.”

Long-term relationships

Russell points to ESV’s successes as the impetus behind its client loyalty. “We’ve seen explosive growth, in terms of the amount of traffic that we bring, and also in terms of the success and revenue generating of their program,” he says.

Recently, ESV helped one of its high-profile clients focus its digital marketing gaze, increasing conversion rates by 45% and revenue by 26%. The company had wanted to improve its efficiency without impacting revenue volume. By using broad match modifiers and adding search queries, it was able to grow exact match traffic share by 18% year over year.

In Russell’s mind, it’s easy to pinpoint a crucial engine to that success. “What we've seen is that Bing Ads performs more efficiently than anything else that we do,” he explains. “The reason, I believe, is that the demographics of Bing users is really conducive to the type of affluent users that some companies target for their program.”

If you’re looking for a certain type of buyer — more likely to buy, with more income to spend — it’s a highly desirable formula, resulting in more purchasing power, captured at lower rates. “Bing Ads is more efficient for us, having lower costs, having the ideal user base,” he says. “That has allowed us to drive great efficiency and invest in ways that have very high returns. Bing Ads has better pricing in terms of the traffic that we get, and we see higher conversion rates on Bing.”

“When you factor in that the traffic costs less and the conversion rates are higher, it’s a win-win,” he concludes. “We've always been of the mindset that we'd like to maximise our exposure to Bing Ads.”

With such an eye for efficiency and value, in just over a decade ESV has gone from two founding entrepreneurs to a company with nine offices, 180 digital marketing experts and more than 200 clients. Managing more than $300 million in digital marketing spending, ESV has evolved into a market-leading, full-service digital agency.

The hands-on approach

“Here, you're going to meet everybody that's going to touch your account,” explains Russell of the closeness that ESV still embraces, despite its size. “We're very hands-on, in terms of making sure we see clients in person. Every agency does that, but of all the big ones I've worked with, basically you get get somebody at the director level. They come in, they don't really understand your business, but they give you the agency spiel. They tell you what best practices are, shake hands with the vice presidents, and then they're off to collect fees.”

With ESV, however, clients receive a unique mix of competency and sincerity. “Anybody that's going to be involved with your business is going to be somebody that is really there every day,” he explains. “They're going to come in, get to know your organisation, and develop an understanding of your product and your market in a way that other agencies just don't do.”

Data analytics, consulting and marketing — all delivered with a personal touch, essentially, in-house. It’s the ESV Digital formula that has brought the agency this far, and with such fierce loyalty among its clients. The agency is primed to set its focus on the future.

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