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Unexpected overlaps of In-market Audiences

This analysis highlights overlaps of In-market Audiences within Retail, so that advertisers can leverage them to extend their reach.

January 2021

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Microsoft Search Network data

Get help planning your Microsoft Advertising campaigns with insights about your audience. Reach more customers and get more results.

December 2020


Get started with Microsoft Advertising

Are you a small business? Learn how you can drive more leads, phone calls, appointments, visits or purchases with Microsoft Advertising.

November 2020


Travel industry paid media attribution

Microsoft Advertising Insights conducted a multi-touch attribution analysis in Travel comparing pre-COVID-19 to post-COVID-19 timeframes.

October 2020


Insights Live with Microsoft Advertising series

This series helps you understand your audience and make better-informed decisions about how to effectively adapt your marketing strategies.

July 2020

White paper

Digital advertiser's guide to COVID-19

Considerations for advertising during (and after) the new coronavirus from Microsoft Advertising.

June 2020


How to level up your agency’s search services

Six ways to exceed paid search client expectations

June 2020


Staying a step ahead of paid search trends

Insights and best practices for innovating with paid search and ways to bring more expertise to your paid search clients.

June 2020


How to win for your clients and grow your agency

Winning as an agency means winning for clients. Whether a start-up agency or a full-service agency, positioning for the future is key.

May 2020


Consumer search trends during COVID-19

Microsoft Advertising search trends in the time of COVID-19. Consumer shifts across Australia, Canada, UK and US.

May 2020