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Agency connects clients and platforms with tech

Acquisio connects clients to Bing Ads and helps them optimize their campaigns.

July 2016

Marin Software


Marin Software syncs and swims

Digital Marketing Suite makes it easier to seize opportunities unique to Bing.

April 2016

Telecom company increases click-through and conversion rates


Telecom company sees conversions up 437%

Virtual phone system company gains new leads at a lower price with Bing Ads.

September 2015

Communications company gains greater reach and returns


136% sales boost speaks to Grammarly success

Find out how this company used Bing Ads features to raise clicks, customers and sales.

June 2015

Agency increases client’s sales and boosts ROI


Agency boosts K9 Carts' ROI nearly 400%

Pet care client achieves sales and traffic gains thanks to agency's strategic use of Bing Ads.

April 2015

Research firm increases CTR


Research firm sees 76% increase in site traffic

In less than two months, the research firm received more than 10,000 unique visitors to its landing pages via its Bing Ads campaign.

August 2014

Software retailer enhances campaigns to reach niche audience


Software retailer attracts high quality audience

Software retailer uses Bing Ads to optimize its campaigns and increase potential buyers.

March 2014