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Bing Ads Editor Diary: How to Build Up a Quality Campaign with Speed (Part IV) – Managing URL Tracking Parameters

In the previous three posts of this series, we went over the concept and process of using Editor’s import and export function to build up a quality online ad campaign with speed. In the last post of this series, let’s go over the most important step ...

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Now on SlideShare: The Importance of PPC in an Omni-Channel World

Developing effective ad copy is a challenge, matching your PPC strategy to a user’s location, intent, and device adds a layer of complexity, tracking a person through to a conversion is yet another important step. Today’s retail marketers are...

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PPC Back-To-Basics – Understanding Key Performance Indicators

You decided pay-per-click advertising is for you, you thought of a logical account structure ( our colleague Ping Jen explained that a good account structure is the thing all high performing accounts have in common), you set up your campaign, you...

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Budgeting, Importing & Tracking – Your Questions Answered

On the 12th of December Bing Ads hosted a webinar (see below) for new markets: the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Besides sharing information with you, you told us what topics you’d like to receive more information on. Read on...

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