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PPC Back to Basics – Get Started with Conversion Tracking

What is conversion tracking? Anyone investing in advertising usually wants to know the effectiveness of their advertising efforts. When you advertise using pay per click, you can obviously measure the clicks, however, clicks are not the last...

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New in Bing Ads: Conversion Reporting Kicks Off Platform Update Plans for 2014

We’ve been listening to you, our customers and partners, on how we can provide the best ad insights and optimal experiences using the reporting features in Bing Ads. Your engagement on this topic has shaped our platform update plans for 2014, and...

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Adding Digital Marketing Magic to a Creative Paper Cup Company

In 2012 we introduced you to the Digital Marketing Makeover. A bid by us and a team of experienced Bing Ads Accredited Professionals to help small businesses thrive in economical challenging times by offering digital marketing advice. So far we’ve he...

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9 Ways Bing Ads Beats Google Adwords

There’s no denying it, Bing Ads has been on a roll in the last few months, delivering a number of new innovations in its interface, improving infrastructure and working hard to give the market an offering compatible with Google AdWords. Given ...

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Bing Ads Editor Diary: How to Build Up a Quality Campaign with Speed (Part IV) – Managing URL Tracking Parameters

In the previous three posts of this series, we went over the concept and process of using Editor’s import and export function to build up a quality online ad campaign with speed. In the last post of this series, let’s go over the most important step ...

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