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Bing Ads Power Tools: Projecting performance with Bid Landscape

Bidding on your keywords, much like account structure or landscape painting, lends itself to a certain amount of personal interpretation. Figuring out your starting bids, how to adjust them over time, and projecting the expected impact involves a cer...

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Close Variants in Exact Match will launch in December for ads targeting UK & Ireland

Back in September, we announced the release of Close Variants in Exact Match for ads targeting the US. Given the success in driving high-quality click volume in the US, we are currently testing close variants in exact match for ads targeting the...

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Bing Ads Opportunities Tab is Now Available in All Markets

Back in August, we announced the availability of the Opportunities tab in Bing Ads with the caveat that it was a US only release at that time. Today, I’m pleased to let you know that the Opportunities tab has now been rolled out to all Bing Ads...

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Bing Ads Insiders Podcast: My Campaigns Are Set Up And Running...Now What?

When you started your business, rented a storefront or domain name, bought inventory and hired the right people, it probably felt pretty good... but you didn’t stop there, did you? You started selling your product, interacting with customers and...

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Bing Ads Insiders Podcast: Tight Budget Optimization Tips (Session 2)

Given its rainy reputation, it might be surprising to learn that Seattleites buy the largest amount of sunglasses per capita than any other city in the nation. It's true, and the jokes suggesting why endless. Outsiders seem to think we crawl out...

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