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Bing Ads Editor Diary: Pop vs. Soda

Before joining Bing Ads, I was a Business Administrator at the University of Cincinnati's Department of Neurosurgery. One of the things I noticed after arriving in Cincinnati from Philadelphia was that people called soft drinks "pop," while in...

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From Bing Ads with Love: Bing Ads Editor Diary

I recently began working closely with Bing Ads Editor to analyze this campaign management tool for customer needs and writing down a lot of notes along the way. I believe it mutually beneficial to share my notes with you to initiate additional...

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New and Improved: Additional Enhancements to Location Extensions from Bing Ads

Location Extensions have seen an enthusiastic response since its launch last year. Advertisers who have adopted Location Extensions on Bing Ads have seen greater value delivered to them in the form of higher ad click-through rates and customer...

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PPC Back to Basics – Find and Add the Right Negative Keywords to Increase Your CTR and ROI

As we mentioned in this blog post we’re working on a ‘PPC Back to Basics’ series to help those new to PPC, new to Bing Ads and those who like to be reminded of PPC best practices. Some weeks ago we wrote about how to find the right keywords for...

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Bing Ads Academy – Importing your Google AdWords Campaigns into Bing Ads

If you’ve spent hours or even days setting up the perfect search account on Google AdWords, the good news is that at Bing Ads we’ve now made it even easier for you to replicate the same structure on the Yahoo! Bing Network - quickly and with...

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