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Available Now: New and Improved Location Extensions from Bing Ads

Earlier this year we talked about upcoming improvements to our Location Extensions offering. We are happy to announce that these improvements are now available to all US advertisers. They will be available in all Bing Ads supported markets within next 2-3 weeks.

There has been a very positive response to these improvements. Advertisers have seen higher click-through rates in addition to benefiting from easier manageability and enhanced reporting.

Below are some of the new functionalities in Location Extensions that will further help your customers find you and connect with you more easily. You can also check out a quick video tour of the functionalities.

Click to Directions: Every time your ad is enhanced with location details, there will be a “Directions” link next to the business address, as shown in the image below. Searchers will now have the option to either click on the ad title or the directions link. In both cases the advertisers will be charged on a cost-per-click basis. Clicking on the ad title will direct searchers to the website and clicks on directions link will take them to either Bing or Yahoo maps page. There is no opt-in required to enable this.

Multiple Locations: Advertisers who have uploaded more than one location for a campaign may see their ads display with up to 2 locations. There is no opt in required and using the current location data Bing Ads will decide when to display one or multiple locations. Rules around maximum distance of 50 miles (or 80 km) from the searcher will remain in place. This improvement is being rolled out on all of our publishers over the next few weeks.

Click to call on Mobile devices: When a location extension has your business phone number provided with it, the phone number will be displayed with a “click-to call” on mobile devices. This greatly helps searchers to quickly connect with your business. Click to call will be charged on a cost-per-click basis.

Easy Setup and Import: Starting today Bing Ads advertisers can add Location Extensions using either the updated web UI, the Bing Ads Editor or the new APIs through the ad extensions interface. If you had already setup your locations through the earlier version of business locations, not to worry. Your locations have been seamlessly carried over to the new experience and they are continuing to serve. New Location Extensions API documentation can be found here. Note that as announced previously, we no longer support the earlier version of business locations API.

Advertisers will now be able to upload locations at the account level and associate them to campaigns of their choice. This setup change now allows you to import your campaigns and associated Location Extensions data from Google AdWords directly into Bing Ads, saving you considerable time and energy.

Detailed Reporting: In addition to the regular campaign reports, advertisers will now be able to view reporting at the Location Extension level. Reports will display spend and click data for clicks on the directions link and the data for each location can be viewed separately. In the web UI, you can access this from the ‘ad extensions’ tab as well as from the Reports tab.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of these features to reach your local audience more effectively. As always, we very much value your feedback. Feel free to drop us a note on your experience with new location extensions through your account manager or on this blog post or through Bing Ads feature suggestions forum.