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Updates to Navigation, Negative Keyword Lists and Import Improvements in Bing Ads Editor v10.6

We are excited to announce the availability of Bing Ads Editor v10.6. You can download it from the Bing Ads Editor download center. If you are existing Bing Ads Editor user, you can expect to see the upgrade prompt in the next few days. We’ve added a number of capabilities to make your campaign management experience easier and more efficient.

1. Easier navigation:

Ads and targeting related entity tabs are now consolidated under their respective groups. This will make it easier to navigate across different entities. We’ve also rearranged the tab for maximum efficiency.

2. Enhanced negative keyword lists:

We have enhanced the negative keyword lists experience that we first delivered in v10.5. In v10.6, you can easily populate a negative keyword list from your existing negative keywords - just copy your negative keywords (under the keywords tab) and paste it in the negative keyword list of your choice.

You can always copy negative keywords from a list to a particular campaign or ad group or copy negative keywords across lists as well.

3. Improved import:

We’ve made several improvements in v10.6 so that you can import your campaigns into Bing Ads more easily. The campaign selection dialog has been significantly simplified and we’ve added the ability to automatically set the bids and budgets of your campaigns being imported to Bing Ads default minimum values. This will help you launch your campaigns on our platform more efficiently.



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