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Pet insurance agency finds Bing Ads to be top dog

We love our pets. They’re family members, companions and best friends. If they ever get hurt or sick, we vow to do whatever it takes to help them get better. That is until the first bill trickles in, followed by another and another. Thousands of dollars later, with your bank account resembling a ghost town, a sinking feeling starts to build in the pit of your stomach. A decision looms ahead: broken heart or empty wallet?

Nick Braun thinks that’s a choice no pet owner should ever have to make. That’s why his company,, grew to become a leading independent licensed pet insurance agency in the United States, brokering policies to help pet owners focus on quality-of-life care.

Choosing Bing Ads delivers strong ROI

To jump-start business, Braun figured there were two paths to follow; one was free organic searches, the second option was to use paid search ad channels. This was an entirely new realm for him. As the owner of a small business with a limited marketing budget, Braun didn’t have the money to waste investing in ineffective channels. He decided the best way to get the biggest return was to do a trial run with multiple companies and then invest in the one that performed best.

Diving in head first, he did buys with Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and general ad networks. Within weeks, he had settled on paid search with Bing Ads.

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“The cost per acquisition was much lower with Bing than the other channels,” said Braun. “I'm a financial person, so it's all about the return and getting the best use of my money and time.”

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