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First Aid Tips to Troubleshoot Common Questions in Bing Ads Editor

Being a program manager of Bing Ads Editor, my #1 responsibility is engaging with you, our customers, to provide immediate assistance and address your needs.

In my e-mail inbox, there is a folder labeled “First Aid Kit” where I document reported issues, their root causes and the first aid tips.  While the Bing Ads Editor Team is improving products based upon your feedback (overview of latest improvements), I would like to share some of the most frequent inquires and their first aid tips:

Symptom – "During sync process I received conflict notices for items I haven’t changed…”

Root cause – Bing Ads Editor uploads/downloads most of the campaign components independently during GET/POST CHANGES, but negative keywords, location targeting, radius targeting, demographics targeting, device targeting and day parting components are processed in one batch during GET/POST CHANGES.  

Conflict notices will be triggered if there are changes made from Editor and other user interfaces (UIs) on any of those items -- they don't necessarily have to be the same component.  Therefore, users can make a change on negative keywords and receive a conflict notice for a location targeting setting.

First aid tip –  Use the enhanced conflicts resolution function to streamline your sync process.

Figure 1 – enhanced conflicts resolution workflow


Symptom – "I didn’t receive conflicts resolution notice while using Full Account option for GET CHANGES…”

Root cause – For the “Full Account” option, Editor will overwrite the local data, including unposted changes, on your PC with the data from the Bing Ads server without validating conflicts.

First aid tip – GET CHANGES function has two options: Recent Changes (default) or Full Account.    

  • Use GET CHANGES – Recent Changes option to download only changes, i.e. not the full account, from Bing Ads server. The GET CHANGES – Recent Changes option also validates whether there are conflicting changes between changes made outside Editor and changes made by Editor. 
  • Use GET CHANGES – Full Account to override any unposted changes and have a fresh start.

TIP: After making changes, use POST CHANGES to register your changes on the Bing Ads server.  POST CHANGES also will validate whether there are conflicting changes between changes made by Editor and changes made outside Editor.

Figure 2 – GET CHANGES options

Symptom – "I exported Google campaign to a file and imported it to Bing Ads, but I can’t find my AdWords zip code targeting records after the import...”

Root cause – Currently, Bing Ads doesn’t support zip code for location targeting and AdWords zip code targeting entries will be skipped during the file import.

First aid tip – Use Bing Ads Editor’s radius targeting (aka custom location) to apply zip code targeting and apply 5 miles radius to those zip code targeting.  You can enter 2,000 radius targeting entries per campaign/ad group, radius targeting doesn’t support the exclusion option, but you can lower bids (up to -90%) for those custom locations.

Figure 3 – Use Custom Location Function to Apply Zip Code Targeting

Symptom – "I noticed Editor is taking a lot of space from my disk ...”

Root cause –  As a desktop tool, Editor keeps a copy of campaign data on your PC.  For larger accounts, that campaign data can take up gigabytes of disk space.

First aid tip – Use the Remove Account function to delete old/inactive accounts data from your PC to reclaim disk space

Figure 4 – Remove account function under FILE menu

Symptom – “Bing Ads Editor doesn’t have a bulk appeal function...”

Root cause –  In AdWords Editor, the “Items requiring exception requests” view will guide users to review and appeal multiple editorial rejections. Users can’t find the same view at Bing Ads Editor and feel Bing Ads Editor doesn’t support bulk appeal.

First aid tip – YES, you can require exceptions for multiple campaign items with Bing Ads Editor by following two steps:

1)     Identify whether there are items under Editorial Disapprovals view.  When editorial appeal opportunities are present, Bing Ads Editor will categorize the nature of the original editorial disapproval and activate the editorial appeal function for items within each category. 

As illustrated below, the sample account has editorial disapprovals for four different categories: Adult, Drugs, Weapon, Website Issues.

Figure 5 – Editorial Disapprovals View

2)      Selecting a specific disapproval category (following example: drugs), you can then select multiple items and enter “Reasons for requesting exceptions to editorial disapprovals” for all of the selected items and bulk appeal them by clicking POST CHANGES.

Figure 6 – Bulk appeal editorial disapprovals

If you have a question that isn't addressed here, we are currently accepting questions via Ask an Expert on the Bing Ads Editor program from Monday May 19 to Friday May 23rd in the Bing Ads LinkedIn group. Please do stop by and ask whatever questions you have, I will review all inquires and will share more tips from my “First Aid Kit” folder to address your immediate needs. 

Looking forward to hearing your questions and listening to your feedback on Bing Ads Editor -- together we will make it both faster and easier to use!