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Demystifying display, destination and landing page URLs

Before jumping right in to explain how the different URLs used in Bing Ads campaigns are reviewed for Bing Ads editorial policy compliance, let's take a minute to define each to ensure we're all on the same page:

The display URL is the webpage address that appears within your ad, typically in green text.

The destination URL is the address of the webpage that you enter during your campaign set up in Bing Ads that enables you to track performance at the keyword or device level; it is not displayed in your ads.

The landing page URL is the address of the final webpage where users land after clicking an ad.

 bing ads display url

Bing Ads editorial policy for display URL helps to provide a quality user experience by ensuring ads are clear and leads users to content that is relevant, useful and easy to interact with.

Existing policy requires that the top-level domain of the display URL must match the top level domain of landing page URL.

 bing ads display url

What is allowed per the display URL policy? 

Domain Match

Landing page URLs with deep links to sub-pages are allowed as long as the top level domain matches with the display URL as shown in the below example:

 bing ads display url

Tracking URLs or Redirects

We understand that there is a genuine need for advertisers to use tracking URLs in their destination URL field, hence your ad will be approved if your destination URL with tracking parameters resolves (or redirects) to a landing page whose top-level domain matches that of display URL domain.

For example, the below combination of display URL and landing page URL with a tracker in the destination URL is accepted as there is a top level domain match: 

bing ads display url

What is not allowed per the policy?

Domain Mismatch

If the top level domain of your landing page does not match the top level domain of your display URL then your ads will be disapproved. The below example shows a scenario in which the ads will be disapproved:

bing ads display url

Domain Extension Mismatch 

Please make sure that the domain extensions (.com, .org, .in) of the display URL and the landing page URLs are similar. If the domain extensions do not match your ad will be disapproved.

For example, the below scenario will be disapproved based on the above policy:

 bing ads display url

Keyword URLs

If you use dynamic text on your ads and have assigned a URL to one or more keywords, your ad could be disapproved if the landing pages of your ads after keyword substitution do not match to the domain of your display URL.

For example, the below scenario will be disapproved as the top level domain of the display URL does not match with the landing page URL after keyword substitution:

bing ads display url


If your site uses a domain that hosts many different sites, you must clearly specify the entire display URL that uniquely identifies your company from all the other sites hosted in that domain.

For example, the below combination will be disapproved:

 bing ads display url

How will I be notified if my ad is disapproved?

If your ads do not comply with the Bing Ads Editorial policy for Display URL, it will be marked as "Disapproved" with the below rejection message:

 bing ads display url

When will the Bing Ads Editorial policy for Display URL be enforced?

The existing Bing Ads Editorial policy for Display URL will be enforced from 22nd June 2015 onwards for existing as well as new ads.

What if my ad is incorrectly disapproved? 

If you think your ad has been disapproved incorrectly, you can challenge a disapproval by requesting an exception. Our reviewers will get to it quickly and respond to the appeal and also provide exceptions in case of genuine need.

Thanks for reading and, as always, we're happy to hear your thoughts on enhancements we can make to improve your Bing Ads experience. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Feature Suggestion Forum, Twitter, or email Bing Ads Feedback.