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Time Saving Tips: 3 Tools to Help Manage Your Bing Ads Campaigns

Once upon a time, if you were curious about a topic that you weren't all that familiar with, the first stop in your research process was typically a trip to the library. After tracking down some promising titles in the card catalog, you then had to locate where they were on the shelves via the Dewey Decimal System. Upon collecting your list of books, you then had to sift through each to pull out the pieces of information you were after.

Now, your curiosity can be satisfied within seconds with a simple search using your favorite engine (Bing, of course!). Chances are, you'll find what you need within the first page of links to information resources, which makes the entire process of learning something new much faster and more efficient.

Although many of us went through the library research process over and over again throughout our academic careers, by now, we've probably taken having learned how to navigate it for granted. Do you remember being taught how to use the library when you were a child?

If you're new to search engine marketing, learning some of the basics of campaign management may be just as intimidating as all those shelves upon shelves of books are to your typical wide-eyed elementary school kid. Like any new activity, it will take some time to get used to where everything is, how it works and what you need to do to accomplish your goals, but there are some tools that can help you save time and demystify some of the complexity as well:

To learn more, visit the Tools page here on the Bing Ads site.

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