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Bing Ads March Release Summary: Top 6 Improvements in Usability, Speed and More

2014 is on a roll, thanks to your continued feedback and participation in customizing the tools. We’ve been very much focused on improving user experience by shortening workflows and expanding performance insight.  Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of the Yahoo Bing Network.  

In case you missed the announcements on our blog recently (there have been many!), here is a quick summary and links to those posts covering what we’ve released over February and March.

1. Bing Ads Express Improvements (US)

Sign up for Bing Ads Express at

Manage your ads more easily with Bing Ads ExpressBeta improvements, such as availability across all DMAs, mobile compatibility and call tracking.  Check out our Engineer’s detailed announcement here.

2. Product Ads (US)

Available in Web UI, API, Editor

Product Ads_Coffee Press Query in Bing

Read more about Product Ads in Sari Harrison and Mustafa Lokhandwala's article, Product Ads: More Details, Instructions from the Bing Ads Engineering Team.

3. Bid Landscape (US)

Available in Web UI, API (limited)

You can now see the estimated cost, clicks, impressions and top impressions for keyword bids at a variety of price points simultaneously with bid landscape. Select the bid that best meets your goals and then apply it directly to your campaign.

In Bing Ads web interface, click Campaigns at the top of the screen, select a campaign and click the Keywords tab. There will be a chart icon representing bid landscape to the right of the current CPC bid.

Read more om the Bing Ads blog.

Note for API users: GetBidLandscapeByKeywordIds is available in the Ad Intelligence service in Bing Ads API Version 9. The operation provides bid landscapes for existing keywords under a specific account and supports up to 1,000 KeywordIds in one call.

4. Broad Match Opportunities in Bing Ads Intelligence (US)

Available in Bing Ads Intelligence (Download here; auto-upgrade in April)

Now you can get broad match suggestions for your keywords in Bing Ads Intelligence to draw relevant traffic to your site. 

Broad match is a keyword option that triggers the display of your ad when a search term includes the words in your keyword—or words closely related to your keyword (such as synonyms, misspellings, abbreviations, and close variants)—in any order.

Check out our Engineering Team’s explanation and announcement here for more details.

5. Bing Ads Editor Usability Improvements and New v10.2 (All markets)

Download Bing Ads Editor here.

Due to changes in Google’s API, Bing Ads Editor had been updated to keep the Import Campaigns feature working properly. The 10.2 version of Editor also makes it faster to upload and download your campaigns.  Your version of Editor will be upgraded automatically. 

Read more in Ping Jen’s blog article, Three Ways to Upgrade Bing Ads Editor and One Important Upgrade on the Way. You can also watch a video to learn more and read Ping Jen’s full account of these changes here.

6. Sitelink Extensions on Mobile (US, UK, FR, DE, DK, SE, NL, NO, IT, ES, IN, LATAM)

Available in Web UI, Editor, API

You can now display Sitelink Extensions in your mobile search campaigns!

Mobile Sitelinks Available in Bing Ads

Check out our Engineer’s announcement here for details.

While this covers the top 6, there were a lot of other updates that are worth mentioning too. Here’s a quick list with relevant links for more information:

Stay tuned for more and thank you! We have lots of cool features and improvements planned and we'll continue, as always, to look for feedback from all of our users and advertisers.

Comments? Questions? Please leave them below, visit our Feature Suggestion Forum, or reach our Engineering team at @BingAdsFeedback.