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Joe Holliday

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Calling all agencies: New features added in Bing Places for Business

If you’re an agency managing client business listings on Bing Places for Business, we have some exciting news. We’ve added several new features to help you get your clients’ listings added and kept up to date. First, register as an agency We consider...

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Understanding the Ad Extension Reports in Bing Ads

Here’s the latest in the Bing Ads Reporting Series. This one is very closely related to the first article in the group: Understanding the call details report. If you haven’t had a chance to read that one, consider taking a look. Also, I’d really...

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Bing Ads Reporting Series: Understanding the Product Ad Reports

Of the three blogs so far in this reporting series, this will be the easiest to explain and understand. Why? Because many of you are already familiar with the product ad reports and know how to use them. It’s true! Read on and I’ll...

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Bing Ads Reporting Series: Understanding the Share of Voice Report in Bing Ads

This is the second article in a regular series about using the various reports and graphs in Bing Ads. These articles quickly summarize the data provided by a particular Bing Ads report and give you ideas on how to use that data. My first article...

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Bing Ads Reporting Series: Understanding the Call Details Report

Bing Ads provides a wealth of data and insights about your campaigns' performance. Given the wide variety of information available, it can sometimes be difficult to know which report or which graph you should use to get the answers you need....

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